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Virginia Lynn

Virginia Lynn is the sole owner of Euphonic Entertainment, founded in 2010 she has been expanding through Metro Vancouver entertaining and eking her way through the industry.

Her penchant for Trivia started as a young girl watching Jeopardy every night with family from the age of 6. Trivia board games, crosswords and pub trivia ensued from there. 

Wanting to convey a young persons vibe to all the entertainment provided by Euphonic, she brings all the puns, dad jokes and just "ugh" humor to the table. Always wanting to expand, create a gimmick and do the same things but incorporating a "it's never been done before" fresh vibe.

Jameson Rafter

Vancouver born and Richmond raised, this local boy knew from start that he wanted to entertain. A natural showman with fearless stage presence, Jameson has performed everything from stand-up and improv comedy, event emceeing, acting for film and voiceover and is a regular ham in the Vancity karaoke scene. When he’s not working his day job in the video game industry he’s spearheading new projects for his online webseries and podcasts shows, while still squeezing-in enough time to travel the world with his friends and family. He couldn’t be happier to join his longtime friends in the Euphonic Entertainment family as the new Trivia host, and he can’t wait to confound and frustrate contestants with his brilliant quizzes and terrible puns. He enjoys long walks on the beach, ribs and whenever the Canucks win a game.

Devon Manning

"Devon grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, and has been musical his entire adult life – after performing in theatre productions throughout high school, He started a pop punk band and played in the Edmonton local scene for 2 years. After the band broke up, Devon moved to Vancouver in 2016. After struggling to find a sense of community in the city, he began going to Euphonic Entertainment shows and clicked with the crowds there. After half a year of attending 5+ gigs per week, Devon was brought onboard as a Karaoke/Trivia host. ""

Virginia: " Devon has the most unique sense of humour and way of connecting to his audiences, the guy just exudes friendliness and camaraderie. Very proud of the host he's become and the relationships he's developed with our regulars in such a short period of time!"

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