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about us

we want to make you a mix-tape . 

Founded in 2010 by the karaoke overlord herself, Virginia Lynn, who currently hosts the mid-day radio show on 895 JR Country, Euphonic Entertainment was created solely as a karaoke hosting company. Throughout the years transformations were made, skills evolved, and a larger love of weddings arose. Weekly karaoke gigs in our many venues are still a focus, private events and weddings are now our primary bookings. We like to focus on the current trends and are really loving the soft acoustic and folk feel of the daytime weddings lately. Of course we tend to step it up at night with some oldschool and top40. If those aren't your thing- don't worry. We have are open format with an extensive list of songs of all genres. That's why you'll get unlimited meetings with us and a direct line for changes all the way up to days before your event.

Euphonic Entertainment is one the premiere karaoke hosting companies in Vancouver B.C. Known for hosting busy, interactive and talent filled events, Euphonic’s unofficial motto is “not your average karaoke night.” Euphonic provides a younger take on the regular Karaoke event, promoting dancing and a Top40, oldschool R&B type vibe, yet still being attractive to an all ages crowd.

It's all in the marketing and having respect for your patrons!

Euphonic has been linked to the Canadian National Karaoke Championships, has hosted the B.C. Karaoke Championships years running, and was appointed the role of Director or B.C. in 2017. 

Owner/Operator Virginia Lynn says “ when I founded [Euphonic] I always knew it would expand around Vancouver. A unique way of connecting with our patrons and a fresh take on hosting sets us apart and draws in the best crowds I’ve seen” when talking about being the only Karaoke Company in Vancouver with a full roster of nights weekly.


Karaoke has never looked so good in Vancouver. 

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