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Meet The Fam.


Virginia Lynn


Virginia Lynn is the sole owner of Euphonic Entertainment. Nova Scotia born and Vancouver raised, Virginia grew up playing piano since the age of four, as well as taking as many dance and singing lessons as she could led to being active in musical theatre though her formative years. Needless to say when she was brought to a bar that had Karaoke for the first time at age 19, she was hooked and returned every week for years. It wasn’t until enrolling in Broadcasting at Columbia Academy that the thought of building a career hosting had even crossed her mind. Taking the skills learned at Columbia Academy and love of Karaoke, Virginia has eked her way into the Vancouver scene and is now one of the premiere hosts in the city, hosting the B.C. Championships of Karaoke 3 years running, voted best Karaoke in Richmond 3 years consecutive and boasts the top number of gigs hosted in the city.

Virginia’s musical taste usually lies in motown, classic rock and 90’s R&B but an extensive knowledge of lyrics and music trivia is part of what sets her apart from other hosts.

Devon Manning

Smooth Operator

"Devon grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, and has been musical his entire adult life – after performing in theatre productions throughout high school, He started a pop punk band and played in the Edmonton local scene for 2 years. After the band broke up, Devon moved to Vancouver in 2016. After struggling to find a sense of community in the city, he began going to Euphonic Entertainment shows and clicked with the crowds there. After half a year of attending 5+ gigs per week, Devon was brought onboard as a Karaoke/Trivia host. ""

Virginia: " Devon has the most unique sense of humour and way of connecting to his audiences, the guy just exudes friendliness and camaraderie. Very proud of the host he's become and the relationships he's developed with our regulars in such a short period of time!"

Colby Miller


Colby Miller, originally from San Jose, California, has been very passionate about music since he was a child. His father gave him his first instrument (bass) and then he took it and ran with it. “I remember being a child and listening to all of my Dad’s old cassettes and watching MTV with him. So, music has always been around me and I’ve always found myself immersed in it. I learned how to play guitar, drums, and other instruments on my own and eventually developed a passion for singing and screaming in metal bands.” After playing in multiple bands and doing small tours, he eventually found his way to Canada, signing a contract with an independent label’s and a start up metal band: Dodging Daylight.  After touring and having songs on Sirius XM radio, Colby left the band to pursue other opportunities. He eventually found himself at a karaoke night in a bar in downtown Vancouver where he first met Virginia. “There was something amazing about that night. I met Virginia and we instantly became good friends, I met a lot of the regulars and found a new sense of community and home.” Since then, Colby used karaoke as an outlet to have fun and improve his singing. Many years later, Colby became the first official hire of Euphonic Entertainment, and helped begin the expansion of the company, and he couldn’t be any happier to join such a great company. “I remember having a talk with Virginia at one of her gigs, and she said to me ‘I’m getting all these new gigs lately which is fantastic, but I don’t have time to take them all’ and then I suggested she should consider hiring hosts and that I would be happy to help. I love working for her and with the other hosts. I always have such a great time.” Colby takes his experiences as a front man and sound engineer, and applies all his knowledge to being a strong karaoke host and entertainer. “Honestly, if some kid walks up to me and says ‘man! I had a kick a** time at your show tonight! Thanks for the good time’ then I’ve done that job and that means more to me than anything. Karaoke is about singing your face off but also having an amazing experience, and I aim to provide that service to anyone who steps foot at my gig. I want people to feel like a rock star for that 3-5 minutes they’re on the stage.”

Kate Kilborn


Vee De Roy


Ryan Barker


Ryan used to spend his nights in the radio and broadcasting program at Columbia Academy, and his later nights at the karaoke bar across the street. In a strange twist of fate, ten years later, he would meet Columbia alumni and Euphonic Entertainment owner Virginia Lynn...while he was dressed as Jack Sparrow.After graduating from Columbia, Ryan spent his spare time honing his skills behind the microphone while independently hosting multiple private and corporate events throughout the West Coast. His passion for all live performance includes a history of stand-up comedy, improv comedy, theater, and animation. He is always looking for opportunity for more stage time, wherever that may be.  It is safe to say that Ryan is the creative type and a jack of all trades. He has held a myriad of unique jobs including commercial artist, letter carrier, private jet technician, and has even adorned a mascot costume for a local radio station (getting the most out of his diploma). If that isn't enough, he also has a Bachelor's Degree of Interior Design.Ryan's taste in music is just as eclectic as he is, which ranges from lounge, 90's alt rock, punk and anything from the 70's. He believes that karaoke has a way of bringing people together and lives for the unforgettable moments when the whole crowd is united in song.

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