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The Road to The World Championships.

One of the team, Danny Francis, has been competing in the Canadian National Karaoke Championships for a few years running... this time he's hoping to go all the way! All the way to The World Karaoke Championships, a competition that spans the globe year by year since 2003. 40 countries send their very best, and this year it's being held in Vancouver in November.

Danny has been relentless in practicing his craft and honing his already above-par stage presence in order to take this title.

Let's all support Danny as he moves to make nationals his bitch and show the KWC what he's made of.

Cheer Danny on, show up and show out!

Semi- Finals : June 28th at Two Lions in North Vancouver 7-10pm

Finals: Jluy 12th at Two Lions in North Vancouver 7-10pm

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