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The Portside Variety Show!

Brand new event coming to Gastown!

(First Show on August 5th, register today!)

Showcase your talent on Portside's Main Stage every Wednesday evening and a chance to "Burn Your Bill" with up to $100 Gift Certificate to Portside Pub weekly!

This is not Karaoke!

There will not by lyrics, so get practicing!!

Performers will register to fill 2 time slots, 20 performers per show!

Performers to show up for green room entry at 8:45pm or risk not gaining entry!

We are using protocols put in place by the Health Board to reduce risk by way of sanitization, disinfection, social distancing, plexiglass on stage, microphone sanitization/rotation and covers provided.

Registration is to be completed the week before the event to ensure songs and claiming your spot as there are only 20 slots available. Registration opens weekly on Thursdays for week to follow.

Link for registration here: The Portside Pub Variety Show Registration

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