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Preferred Karaoke Patron Program

We're doing something that's never been done before with Karaoke in Vancouver!

A Preferred Karaoke Patron Program - like frequent flyer miles for singers!

Super easy to do, come to one of our gigs, ask your host to grab a card, sing a song and receive a stamp. Every time that you come to a Euphonic karaoke gig and sing a song, you'll receive a stamp!

After you've filled out your card completely, the next time you come you'll be able to redeem your card for either:

a) singing 2 songs in a row

b) skip the line (since our gigs are so busy, this comes in handy!)

Then receive another card and start all over again.

It's something for our regulars to show our appreciation, and something to make people regulars.

Check out our karaoke schedule to know where to go to start the program on our website under "Karaoke Serrvices -> Schedule"

Thanks for being such loyal and awesome friends and patrons!

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