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Are you #TeamSweet or #TeamSticky?

Last night we got the pleasure of DJing this months' installation of "The Sweet & Sticky" Drag Show hosted by the unicorn herself Katy Hairy.

This month, her highness was unable to host and brought in the sweetest and stickiest to fill in for her. #ChocolateQueen Karmella Barr, and Evita Versace were more than capable of engaging the crowd, dancing their padded asses off and keeping the theme, Canadiana, intact.

The squad this month also included Dee Blew, Dust and Jack Slayer.

The first thing you notice when walking into the host venue, Displace Hashery, is the GIANT pink donut hanging over the stage - the symbol of sweet & sticky... and a whole array of queens running around socializing - and of course - getting their tequila on (ahem, Evita..)

Seating all around the venue has been turned to face the stage, with a runway through the crowd, making room for a personal and interactive show. Pizzas are alway half price, the beer is flowing and the gurls love their poutine.

This month, we worked the set list, the theme-song of the show, Candyman - Christina Aquilera, plays and we're off. Karmella keeping it Canadian Themed and sashaying away in a Canucks jersey - JUST a Canucks jersey... and Evita killing platinum braids and barely anything more, welcome everyone to the show and announce the roster of realness.

Karmella & Evita opened the show both staying true to the Sweet & Sticky theme - Karmella doe eyed and totally capable of making you gag - leader of #TeamSweet, and Evita.... was Evita, in all her tongue-popping glory, leader of #TeamSticky - and the show is turning up!

Dee Blow enters stage left, to a remix of Maneater - Nelly Furtado, hitting poses ,1,2,3,4 with extreme eyes, acid green locks and doll like movements.

Jack Slayer, don't let this Drag King fool you, he is a GIANT! If you asked yourself, what Canadian Artist will Jack be performing and you DIDN'T say the Biebs, get out!

Looking the part is one things, pulling off the swagger is another - and there's no doubt that Jack slayed.

After the intermission, Dee comes back with something nobody was expecting - River by Joni Mitchell. Dressed demurely and serves us some raw emotion, captivating the crowd while parking her ass on a stool. Not an easy feat by any means!

Evita & Karmella are back, one word. LIPSYNC BATTLE. K that's 2 words.

Avril Levigne is my one true hate, but hey, not my show - these two kweens are battling it out hard through the mashup of 4 Avril songs that go from Sk8er Boi to Hello Kitty... and ends with Evita using Karmella as My Little Pony. All in all we needed a tie breaker - oh yeah, If You Get Down On Me - B44 circa MuchDance 2001. Karmella takes the title and leads #TeamSweet to victory.

Last but not least Dust, The piece-de-resistance in my opinion. A mashup of CanCon that would make Anne Murray gag. Dust in all her glory makes her way through Avril, Sum41, Celine Dion and dare i say... Nickelback - which right in the middle of the song - almost makes me, as well as her LITERALLY gag, and the crowd loves it. Slow clap to the new girl.

A Duet is sung by the hosts and everyone is thanked for coming and being a part of the show. Polite queens, Well Evita excluded - that mouth.

The Crowd disperses, pay their tequila tabs and the lights go down... all that's left is a couple feathers and a shit ton of glitter, Displace got manhandled again.

Come check out the Sweet & Sticky Show. Monthly events at Displace Hashery. Tickets are available weeks in advance for presale.

Sweet & Sticky Drag Show

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