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Euphonic's Newest Karaoke Host - Tegan Laing

Tegan, originally from Ajax Ontario, has been a regular at Euphonic Entertainment's Karaoke Gigs around Vancouver and has made a name for herself coming in second place in 2015's B.C. Karaoke Championships. Italian Opera, Ballads and the occasional Disney song are Tegan's strong suits....

Euphonic's owner Virginia Lynn and Tegan became best friends pretty quickly and most of the time are out at Karaoke together. As Tegan went to VFS and studied 3D Animation & Visual Effects - and currently works in the industry, Virginia never really asked if Tegan would be interested in hosting Karaoke.... until she was, basically making Virginia's life that much easier.

You will be finding Tegan filling in randomly for the most part. Fridays and Saturdays are the choice gigs for this girl. Support her in her Leveling Up of Skillz. We will post on Facebook where you can find Tegan training and hosting!

She's pretty cool you guys. Welcome to the Team.

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