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We're Hiring!

Happy Summer Everyone!

Are you looking for a job with a full time wage with part time work?

Are you a student, someone who has a day job and wants to make extra cash, or just want to try something new?

Well we've got an opportunity for you.

We're hiring Karaoke Hosts, with the possibility of training to be a Wedding & Event DJ.

Working with us you can make your own schedule, have day times free, and work in a fun environment.

You can work as little or as much as you like...

1-3 days would be supplementing income.

3-7 days would be like getting a paycheck for 40 hours even though you're working 20.


-Some knowledge of sound - know what bass/treble/mids are... if you have used a sound board before - that's an asset - but we can teach.

-Little to no prior Karaoke experience - We're looking for fresh meat to train into a Euphonic Host.

-Able to work under pressure

-Must be Social Media Savvy

-Knowing how to network is an asset

-Good song knowledge - if you're good at Name That Tune... you'll do well here.

-A personality that won't quit! Being upbeat is the name of the game, that coupled with horrible puns and you'll be like family!

-We're you cool in school but also hung with the AV club... probs not.. but that's who we are!

Contact us for a meeting at

Or if you're friends with Virginia Lynn - message her on Facebook.

Have an awesome day!

The Euphonic Team

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