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New Karaoke Night - Downtown Vancouver

Happy 2017 Everyone!

In the spirit of "New Year New Me" we're launching new gigs left and right this year!

First on the roster of launches is Benchmark Tuesdays in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

The venue itself had been a karaoke hotspot in the past for Euphonic Entertainment. Those of you who have been following our gigs for a few years may remember The Corner! Well we are back!

The Corner has opened up, after years of sitting dormant, under new management calling itself Benchmark Bar & Grill.

With the infamous back room, dark lighting, and intimate loungey atmosphere it's bound to be a fast turn around with karaoke! The new owners are completely on board, giving us awesome drink specials, and affordable menu options!

They are currently building their website, check out their menu here:

See you all February 21st at 9pm for the launch of Vancouver's newest karaoke night!

Hosted by Euphonic's owner Virginia Lynn

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