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Virginia Lynn takes KWC Canada, Director of B.C. title

That's right, it's all changing.

The singing competition that you thought you've been in is doing a 180° 

Virginia Lynn, owner of Euphonic Entertainment is taking over the role of Director of B.C. for the Karaoke World Championships - Canadian Division.

We will have multiple qualifying venues throughout the lower mainland, multiple venue finals, sponsors, qualified judges and some truly amazing talent being sent to the provincials.

Euphonic Entertainment, and Virginia, want to make this a rewarding experience for you, getting the coaching necessary; vocal and otherwise, meeting new friends and networking with some awesome people, as well as travelling to Nationals and hopefully World Championships.

2017's World finale will be held in Helsinki Finland later in the year, where a top male and top female will be crowned World Karaoke Champions.

For more information regarding the rules and regulations of the KWC visit 

To stay up to date with upcoming registration and qualifying venues/date follow the KWC BC Facebook page here:Facebook Link

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