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Cabana Nightclub - Euphonic's Newest Karaoke Venue & Exclusive Vancouver KWC Qualifiers

Karaoke in Vancouver has never looked so good!

Cabana Lounge & Nightclub, an upscale Granville Street venue will be Euphonic Entertainment's new Karaoke staple come Tuesday May 9th, 2017 - 9:30-2am.

Amazing house sound, open dance floor, corner stage and awesome Granville Street drink specials make this the new hotspot for Karaoke downtown.

This venue will also serve as the exclusive Vancouver Qualifiers for the Karaoke World Championships launching March 16 (one week after the official launch) which will include:

-9pm Registration

-9:30 Qualifiers Start

-Open Karaoke to Follow

... and will run for 6 weeks, until June 20th, before the Venue finale which will solidify the singers moving onto the B.C. Provincials!

Check out more details including other qualifying venues in the Lower Mainland on the B.C. Division of the Karaoke World Championships - Canada on their Facebook page here:

Cabana Lounge - 1159 Granville St, Vancouver - Cabana Lounge - Facebook

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